Road Map

March 2016

We generated an idea to develop an E-commerce platform making it convenient for users to go for online payments using crypto currencies.

January 2017 - First Quarter

Market Analysis

April 2017 - Second Quarter

Block Chain Analysis and Development

July 2017 - Third Quarter

Technical Research for Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence

March 2018

Target Price $2.48

May 2018

Target Price on Exchanges $5

25 June 2018

Alphard Brings its own exchange where you can add your coins "".
Easy user Interface "Mac, Android, Windows, Iphone, E-wallets and Application Development". We intend to provide an APP where you can Trade World Wide BTC, BCH, Ripple, Lite Coin and Etherium.

July 2018

Target Price $7

November 2018

Target Price $50
ALC Debit card and Online paying Eco system to be released. The cards we provide are Master, Premium, Platinum

January 2019

Target Price more than $100.

Infusing Artificial Intelligence into blockchain technology.

Working on advanced Smart Contracts to help people save money and time while trading.

Will get in association with some of the big sharks of e-Commerce business domain like Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay.

March 2019

We target to introduce e-commerce platforms for all our customers in association with all the online websites using ALC to Buy and Sell their products and opt liqued transfer globally in 8 Seconds.

June 2019

Target Price $150

January 2020

Target Price more than $300